US Art Teacher Trainees Visit
Posted by: Byron Hurst

Posted on 02 Aug 2017

Academics and final year Trainee Art Teachers from the Illinois State University in the USA recently visited De La Salle Catholic College Cronulla to see how the SCS Literacy Program is being applied in the Stage 6 Visual Arts classroom. Art Teacher, Mr Byron Hurst, gave a demonstration lesson on techniques like question analysis, scaffolding responses and the application of various levels of vocabulary.

The visitors then meet with Yr 12 students working on their HSC Body of Work and learnt something of the NSW approach to practical marking and feedback to students.

The delegation was led by Dr Judith Briggs, Associate Professor of Art Education at Illinois State who commented that she was a great admirer of the NSW Visual Arts Syllabus and its ability to act as a tool to teach skills such as literacy and numeracy alongside traditional Arts content.

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