Reporting to Students and Parents

Reporting is the process of communicating information about student achievement and progress gained from the assessment process.  The purpose of reporting is to support teaching and learning by providing feedback to students, parents/caregivers and the wider community.

De La Salle College Cronulla is committed to providing information that is consistent with the expectations of that community.  We strive towards the ideal that reporting should achieve the following outcomes:

  • Provide clear and relevant information about our students’ achievements and their progress.
  • Link teaching and learning to assessment of syllabus outcomes.
  • Take into account school community expectations and system and government requirements.
  • Satisfy the information requirements of students, parents/caregivers, teachers, other schools and employers.
  • Respect the dignity of the person and be sensitive to the students’ self esteem and general well-being.
  • Provide constructive feedback to enable students to address weaknesses and enable them to strive towards their potential.
  • Identify students who may require specific intervention.
  • Identify patterns and trends in student achievement at a number of levels including individual, class, year, or school.
  • Provide useful information to assist curriculum planning and resource allocation to best serve our students’ needs.
  • Utilise a number of reporting strategies that convey the most meaningful and useful information.

At De La Salle College Cronulla this occurs through:

  • Feedback on student achievement in Assessment Tasks
  • Notes in student’s diaries
  • Letters to parents
  • Student reports
  • Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews
  • Parent Information Evenings


The College issues full student reports twice per year for each student in Years 11 and 12.  

Senior Reports

The report issued to students in Years 11 and 12 reflect their pattern of study at the school.  Courses studied with external providers or outside tutors are reported independently by those organisations.

These reports are to provide information to students and parents/caregivers about the student’s progress in senior school.  The report includes information on:-

  • Days Absent:  this includes both explained and unexplained days absent 
  • Student Profile reflects the student’s:
  • Shows consideration and respect for teachers and peers                                     
  • Displays motivation and enthusiasm for learning.
  • Participates in group work or collaborative activities.
  • Uses class time effectively
  • Demonstrates organisational ability
  • Completes homework, assignments and assessment tasks on time.

Teachers complete the Student Profile using the following key:-

10      - Always

11      - Usually

12      - Sometimes

13      - Rarely

14      - Not Evident

Semester Reports

A student Semester Report consists of a cover page and a combination of Board Developed Courses (BDC), Board Developed Vocational Education Courses (VET), Board Developed Life Skills Courses (Life Skills) and Board Endorsed Courses (BEC) depending on each student’s pattern of study.