Reinventing School Libraries
Posted by: Byron Hurst

Posted on 19 Mar 2019

De La Salle College Cronulla has just undergone a major refurbishment of the school library to keep abreast of the changes brought about by “digital disruption”.

Gone are the days of corridors of dusty books, due date stamps and the Dewey decimal system. Today’s school libraries are quietly buzzing multi use resource centres catering to students’ different learning styles.

Much of the library design is based on the latest research in education, which suggests that students learn best in groups. (Collective efficacy)

 “We have conference rooms with walls of white boards for groups of study buddies. Students are reinforcing what they learn in class by teaching each other, “ said Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Courtney Fraser. “We have also extended our hours to 5p.m. and into holidays to allow academic students time after school to consolidate what they have learnt during their classes or to work on their assessments.”

Schools throughout the shire have been noticing that their students were using the Shire Libraries as a place to study and have been moving towards creating libraries that allow for group collaborations as well as the traditional solo study booths.

“Of course students studying individually or in groups today are more likely to use their laptop than a traditional closed reserve reference book. Teachers are encouraging students to use dynamic resources in their research, such as the latest online academic articles, rather than printed volumes which date very quickly,” Mrs. Fraser added.

“Instead we are putting our funds into creating an attractive, designer conceived environment making the school library the natural choice for students who want to enquire further into their studies. It also creates a great tutorial space where students can meet their teachers outside class time for further guidance,” she concluded.

De La Salle HSC student, Meg Wade said, “I enjoy studying in the new library with my classmates, because we can actively discuss issues and themes from our courses. It sure beats the old days of cramming from a reserved book!”


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