De La Salle College Cronulla aims to offer a curriculum that provides opportunities for all students to work in a challenging, engaging, and supportive environment. Key to this is students and parents working with staff to develop a pattern of study such that a commitment to “best effort” leads to:

  • Further study at Tertiary level
  • Study at TAFE and/or employment
  • Transition to employment, possibly before completing Higher School Certificate studies.

Students are given strong guidance during the course selection process. Please see an outline of this in the enrolment section of this website. However, broadly speaking, students should select courses that they find interesting, challenging, and generally directed towards one of the pathways above.

To qualify for the Higher School Certificate students must satisfactorily complete a Preliminary pattern of study comprising at least 12 units and an HSC pattern of study comprising at least 10 units.

Both patterns must include:

  • At least six units from Board Developed courses;
  • At least two units of a Board Developed course in English;
  • At least three courses of two units value or greater;
  • At least four subjects.

To satisfy pattern of study requirements for the Higher School Certificate a student may count a maximum of six Preliminary units and six HSC units from courses in Science.

In recent years, the College has developed a curriculum that:

  • Is supported by high quality pedagogy reflected in strong Higher School Certificate results
  • Caters for the needs of all students, including those seeking Vocational Education and Training (VET).
  • Is increasingly supporting one of the “strength and interest” areas in the community – that of Creative and Performing Arts. We have many highly talented students and the facilities and teaching to support study in this area are outstanding.

All students are asked to demonstrate their commitment to “best effort” at the commencement of their Year 11 studies. It is not acceptable for any student to consistently and deliberately distract the learning of others. To ensure the best possible learning opportunities for all students those that are not willing to do this will be challenged in an appropriate and supportive manner. Parents are expected to support teachers in this endeavour.