At De La Salle College Cronulla we recognize that the well being of students and staff are of primary concern. The College has a clear pathway of communication that students and parents can use if specific and/or urgent pastoral care needs emerge. An important part of this is access to the College Counselor, who is available two days per week, but also may be available at other times if an emergency eventuates. Our Counselor works closely with external professional support agencies and appointments to meet with our Counselor can be initiated by students, parents, or staff.

The College also recognizes the need for specific members of staff such as the Year Coordinators, to have ongoing professional development in all aspects of Pastoral Care. These key people work with the Counselor to support students. Our Pastoral Care program also recognizes that counseling should not always be “reactive”. Therefore, students are guided in their development of taking responsibility for important skills such as building resilience.