Congratulations to Lillie McDonagh
Posted by: Byron Hurst

Posted on 22 Nov 2018

Lillie McDonagh (DLS Class of '18 . OLMC Class of '16) has been selected to participate in Art Rules, Hazelhurst Gallery's showcase of the best HSC works from Southern Sydney High Schools.
Lillie's artwork, The Language of Colour, combines her academic studies in Visual Art with her HSC Chemistry course. The series traces the history of colour and how it has gone from a rare commodity to a mass produced part of the contemporary world.  
Lillie explores how expensive and rare organic and mineral pigments coloured the art works of the Renaissance. With the advent of modern industrial chemistry we now have a dazzling array of colour that is taken for granted. Lillie looks at modern artists like Yves Klein who invented his own blue, as well as Anish Kapoor, who is experimenting with long chain carbon nanotubes to produce the blackest black ever made.
Lillie's cross curricular art work is a tribute to the teaching she received in the sciences and arts at OLMC and De La Salle. It also demonstrates the importance of creativity and innovation to the applied sciences.
Lillie's work will be on display at the Hazelhurst Gallery over the coming school holidays.
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