Care and Concern
Posted by: Maree Cullen

Posted on 03 Aug 2017

On Saturday 29th of July, six Year 11 and 12 students attended the St Aloysius Parish’s Care and Concern Christmas in July dinner. I have never be so proud of our students who attended this night. Not only had our Yr 11 students just returned from Year 11 retreat but also our Year 12s were heading into their Trial HSC Examination block. Our students participated in this evening with compassion and companionship. Care and Concern is a St Aloysius initiative that invites the poor, homeless and those that are disadvantaged from the parish community to share in a meal that is donated from members of the parish community. Our students helped serve drinks, dinner and even helped Santa hand out Christmas gifts. Our students, although challenged, loved every moment of the night and will definitely be back for future dinners.


"It was a great experience, I've learnt a lot from being with them and I've learnt to appreciate the little things. Spreading the joy was one of the greatest experiences of my life if given the chance I'd jump to the opportunity to do It again"  

Adam Kandil Yr 11

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