Lasallian Program


The Lasallian charism is fostered in our community. Staff and students experience training and education that continues to develop our sense of being Lasallian at the college. This year we are fortunate to have Ruby Crowe (Year 12 - 2011) as our Lasallian Youth Minister working with the students two days per week, providing a ‘Lasallian youth experience.’

Students are invited to train as Lasallian Youth Leaders each year. Approximately 40 Year 11 students take part in this program and these students then facilitate a spirituality day for Year 6 students as part of their integration into year 7. This is a fantastic day where our Year 11’s demonstrate their leadership skills and share their spirituality.

When in Year 12 the Leadership team undertake further training that will enable them to lead the College community in the ways of De La Salle. They also have opportunities to work with other senior students from other Lasallian schools.

Immersion experiences provide a much deeper experience and the Lasallian Youth Ministry offers a number of experiences to students at the end of Year 12 including trips to Balgo Hills (an Aboriginal community in central Australia) New Zealand, New Guinea and Pakistan. In January two of our Year 12 2010 students made the trip to Balgo and will be sharing these experiences with the current students.

Each year, ex-students from Cronulla, along with other ex-students from other Lasallian schools, are selected to go on the Balgo Hills Summer Camp, lasting ten days, to entertain the disadvantaged Aboriginal children during their school holidays, keeping them occupied and out of trouble. Through this experience, the volunteers act out the values of De la Salle, faith, service and community.

Events Upcoming!

 Lasallian Youth Leaders Training Day

During first term, a group of approximately 40 students will partake in a Lasallian Youth Leaders Training Day on March 11th.

 Year 6 Spirituality Day

On March 21st an interaction day for all participating primary feeder schools will occur at Our Lady of Mercy College, Burraneer (OLMC) and De La Salle College, Caringbah (DLSC).

 Afternoon’s with the Brothers

Once the LYL training day is completed, afternoon tea with the Brothers will commence again. This is where students are able to visit the Brothers after school, an enriching and exciting experience where students are able to learn more about their Lasallian history.

Year 7 & 8 Reflection Day:

During second term, two separate reflection days will occur for the students at De La Salle Caringbah, in years 7 and 8.

Tutoring Sessions

Tutoring sessions will occur at DLSC in the two-weeks lead up to their examinations. LYL’s will head over to DLSC and give a hand to the boys, two afternoons each week.

If you have any questions or queries feel free to contact our Lasallian Youth Minister, Ruby Crowe, via email:

Ruby is at school every week on Monday and Thursday. 

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